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Who was Marguerite Belafonte? Ethnicity, Age, and Parents


Marguerite Belafonte is a well-known American Actress and a Media personality who is known for being the wife of Harry Belafonte, who is a famous singer, actor, and activist, who popularized calypso music with international audiences in the 1950s but this is the end of his career and life.

Marguerite Belafonte
Marguerite Belafonte

On April 25, 2023, Harry died at the age of 96 years, and a legendary era of his will be remembered for decades. After the death, many of his friends and other actors and actresses paid tribute and also gave condolences In this article, we will read Marguerite Belafonte’s Ethnicity and other information.

Marguerite Belafonte’s ethnicity is Scottish Jamaican and Afro-Jamaican because Marguerite Belafonte was born to her Scottish Jamaican mother and Afro-Jamaican father.

Marguerite Belafonte Parents

Marguerite Belafonte was born to her father who is an Afro-Jamaican and to her mother who is a Scottish Jamaican. As per sources, Marguerite Belafonte had siblings such as Charles R. Byrd and Beatrice B. Gilkes.

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Marguerite Belafonte Today

Marguerite Belafonte is not in this world today. Marguerite Belafonte died on 15 February 1998 at the age of 74 years in Washington D.C., United States, and she was survived by her ex-husband Harry Belafonte and by her children and grandchildren.

Harry Belafonte Wife Marguerite Belafonte

Marguerite Belafonte and Harry Belafonte met in 1947 while Harry was performing in a play on Broadway, and Marguerite was working as a secretary. They fell in love and got married in 1948, a time when interracial marriages were still illegal in many parts of the United States. Their marriage was not without challenges, as they faced discrimination and racism from society.

Harry Belafonte
Harry Belafonte

However, despite the hardships, they remained devoted to each other for over 40 years, until their divorce in 2008.

Throughout their marriage, Marguerite and Harry were a dynamic duo, working together on various social and political causes. They were both strong advocates for civil rights and fought against racial injustice.

Harry was a prominent figure in the Civil Rights Movement, using his platform as a musician and actor to raise awareness and funds for the cause. Marguerite supported him every step of the way, using her skills as an organizer and fundraiser to help advance the movement.

Harry Belafonte Wife Marguerite Belafonte
Harry Belafonte Wife Marguerite Belafonte

Despite their divorce, Marguerite and Harry remained friends and continued to work together on social and political causes. Their love story may have come to an end, but their legacy of activism and dedication to social justice lives on.

In conclusion, Marguerite and Harry Belafonte’s love story is a beautiful example of a partnership built on love, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to making the world a better place.

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Marguerite Belafonte Age

Marguerite Belafonte was born in Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America on the day of 12 October 1923 and her date of death is on 15 February 1998 at the age of 74 years. She had American nationality but her Ethnicity was Scottish Jamaican, and Afro-Jamaican. 

Marguerite Belafonte Children 

Marguerite Belafonte and Harry Belafonte had two children together in their 10 years of relationship and the children’s names are Shari Belafonte, and Adrienne Belafonte Biesemeyer.

Marguerite Belafonte Wikipedia and Education

Marguerite Belafonte, also known as Marguerite Byrd Belafonte, is an American actress and former wife of legendary musician and activist Harry Belafonte. She was born in New York City in 1939 and grew up in Harlem. After completing high school, Marguerite attended City College of New York, where she studied English and Drama.

Harry Belafonte
Harry Belafonte

Marguerite met Harry Belafonte in the early 1960s, and the two fell in love and married in 1957. They had two children together, Adrienne and David, and remained married for nearly a decade before divorcing in 1968.

Despite the end of their marriage, Marguerite and Harry remained close friends and co-parented their children together.

In addition to her acting career, Marguerite was also involved in social and political activism during the 1960s and 1970s, including supporting the Civil Rights Movement and the anti-Vietnam War movement. She also worked with the United Nations, serving as a goodwill ambassador for several years.


Who is the husband of Marguerite Belafonte?

Marguerite Belafonte’s husband’s name is Harry Belafonte.

What is Marguerite Belafonte Ethnicity?

Marguerite Belafonte’s Ethnicity is Scottish Jamaican and Afro-Jamaican.

How Old Is Marguerite Belafonte?

Marguerite Belafonte is 74 years old.

Who was Marguerite Belafonte? Ethnicity, Age, and Parents


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