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Everything About Veneno (TV Series): Release Date|Cast|Where To Stream?

It is and TV series which is made from the genuine story of transsexual vocalist and TV character Cristina Ortiz Rodriguez, she is known by her short name, La Veneno

About Veneno Series


It is made by Javier Ambrosia and Javier Calvo, Mikel Rueda, Alex Rodrigo. the nation of beginning is torment and the first language is Spanish number of seasons are one and the count of scenes has likewise been there and tracked down that there is an absolute number of scenes which are 8.

Regarding the creation house the running time is 44 to 65 minutes and creation organizations are in danger medium Soma Latina it is discharged on the first organization of entertainer Player Premium and delivery date was in the year 2020 on 25 October.

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Veneno Series History


In the year 2019 May, it was reported that Jaguar Karlo and Javier Ambrossi the maker’s author and direct life story series on the Spanish transsexual TV character love n proprietor in the year 2019 November.

The cast was affirmed with stream Daniela Santiago and Isabel Torres was chosen for play the lead job Christina or trees was in the series the arrangement was gotten by john and public the tank you for picking the lady’s to play the trans sex room.

Also roll shooting was started on December sixteenth inflatable more Bridgeville the littlest down in mama further Decreation was stretched out and was planned to four months after the fact which was in the consummation of March 2020 shut India lockdown which was expected to Covid pandemic on January 17 and 25.

The main instructors were presented and posted via online media on January 28 the series were declared to be delivered on entertainer media premium in the year 2020 March official delivery was on February 14.

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Veneno Series Release Date



After a ton of stand by enthusiasts of the series the news happened to the release date of the series. As per the reports it is found that Veneno was delivered in the year 2020 on 29th March.

Veneno Series Cast

  • Jedet Plays the Role of La Veneno
  • Daniela Santiago Plays the Role of La Veneno
  • Isabel Torres Plays the Role of La Veneno (Older Age )
  • Lola Rodriguez Plays the Role of Valeria Vegas
  • Paca La Pirana Plays the Role of Herself
  • Desiree Rodriguez Plays the Role of Paca
  • Marino Teres Plays the Role of Amparo
  • Andrea Garcia Plays the Role of La Zane

Veneno episodes

  • episode 1 episode 1
  • episode 2 a trip back in time
  • episode 3 caress me
  • episode 4 episode 4
  • episode 5 Christina through the looking glass episode 6 episode 6
  • episode 7 episode 7
  • episode 8 Veneno no’s 3 funeral’s

Where to Watch the Veneno Series

As per refreshes it has been observed that the fans are consistently on pause to track down the streaming site of the series. So they can track down the series on that specific site. What’s more, for them they need to watch it free.

The advantage of the refreshed streaming site is just that the fans get it effectively accessible there. Along these lines, Famous streaming locales are constantly given to you through the article so you can think that they are without any problem. Veneno is spilling on HBO Max.

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Veneno Series Reviews

This is the main piece of your perspectives are the most significant the bua’s are confused in the wake of the survey this series.

It is so delightfully coordinated through the issues of a significant number of the transsexuals they face in their own life the battle the fantasies the enthusiasm to assume control over the world this film is well with your drama and the cast was prearranged quite well.

This series shows all that you need to see it has the excruciating yet cheerful sad like parody honest straightforward amazing and vital it is superb completely composed.

It was a particularly stunning show it gives a considerable lot of the data everybody has an alternate point of view of what the transsexual lady is this was an awesome and brilliant series shown it is an epic of Masterpiece

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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Veneno a True Story?

Veneno depends on the genuine story of transsexual symbol Christina ottis which is a Spanish transsexual TV character and a vocalist

What number of Veneno Episodes Are There?

Expounding on Veneno there are 8 scenes 1 season on the HBO Max unique series this is the best TV program of the last year.

Is LA Veneno still alive sadly sweetheart Nano passed on in the year 2016 her life was from 1964 To 2016.

Where Can I Watch Veneno in Australia?

The updates have been that it is in Australia it is gushing on ABC and presently the best part that it is accessible for nothing.

Where Is Veneno Buried?

Veneno was brought into the world in the year 1964 on March 19 in Spain and passed on in the year 2016 on November 9 in the clinic of Spain the reason for the Death was mind injury after unintentional fall the landmark was honor plaque at parquet del Oeste.

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The finished up part will be added that the article identified with the cast individuals from the Vinay no additionally has been given you the delivery date which and the season which will be coming likewise has esteem where to watch the stream is well-known destinations are additionally accessible in the article.

For you are for fans to move toward the side and furthermore you can see the Veneno with the expectation of complimentary scene names and the rundown of scenes are likewise refreshed to connect more news then, at that point, remain tuned.

There have been more updates which would be effectively accessible on this article and the new updates which will come identified with this season and this coming season to remain tuned folks you will be refreshed soon.

Everything About Veneno (TV Series): Release Date|Cast|Where To Stream? about Veneno
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