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We all know Stefan Karl Stefansson as Robbie Rotten from Nickelodeon’s children’s musical comedy LazyTown. But to get a better idea of how famous the actor is, you should think about whether you are known as a favorite character on a very popular TV show around the world.

There are records that the internationally acclaimed children’s show is broadcast in almost every country in the world. This should mean that the Robbie Rotten character is known all over the world and the man behind the character is just as super popular. But this is not quite so. Robbie, I’m sorry that Stefan is just really famous. As a film and theatre actor from Iceland, Stefan is often described as a comedian.

Being Robbie was quite a challenge for the actor. He had to find a balance between humor and the evil deeds he was expected to do. As his personality has been judged by the Robbie character over the years, Stefan once expressed that Robbie is not what Stefan is in real life.

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Although Stefan can boast of a handful of other television and film roles, his work in the theatre is more profound. For the latter, the leading role of the actor is that of the Grinch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Icelandic actor is also known for his physical comedy, which most people have compared to that of the late phenomenal English comedian Charlie Chaplin.

Stefan Karl Stefansson Bio, Issue With Cancer, Dead, Net Worth, Wife
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Meanwhile, sometime in 2013, Stefan revealed that he actually learned from Chaplin to manipulate his body for a humorous effect. Apparently, he studied the actor during his school days. He even wrote his university thesis on the English comic actor. If you want some advice from Stefan on how to become a better stage actor, he will most likely ask you to build and maintain a strong connection with your audience during the performance.

Although Stefan would agree that being famous is sometimes unsettling, he appreciates his fans for the support and love they have given him in difficult times.

Stefan Karl Stefansson Bio

When he grew up, Karl never thought that he would one day be known worldwide. He liked acting, but there were other things he liked. So he could only decide on a career as an actor when it was obvious that he would do well as such. At that time Stefan was still skeptical about what he should do with his life. Nevertheless, he continued and enrolled at the Icelandic Academy of Arts in Reykjavik.

As a student at the academy, Stefan realized that he was on the right side. He loved what he was learning and liked the fact that he was allowed to be different people than himself in acting; his passion for the profession blossomed.

So Karl knew exactly what he had to do after his studies at the Icelandic Academy of Arts – he would work towards joining the National Theatre of Iceland. And that’s exactly what he did. He began to work with his country’s National Theatre, and it wasn’t long before he earned warm recognition and respect for his work. Stefan soon established himself as the National Theatre’s best comedic actor. As such, it was only natural that he was one of those chosen for the first theatrical production of a play – Lazy Town – which would later become an internationally acclaimed television series.

Records document that the Icelandic actor was born on 10 July 1975 and baptized Stefán Karl Stefánsson. Although Stefan lives with his wife and four children in the second largest megacity in the United States of America – Los Angeles – his birthplace was Hafnarfjordur, Iceland.

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To promote the welfare of mankind, Stefan founded Rainbow Children, a non-profit organization with the mission of eradicating child bullying. Rainbow Children has expanded its activities to Canada and hopes to reach other nations of the world. As we have learned, the Icelandic actor is currently involved in the activities of his television and film production company.

Stefan Karl Stefansson Issue With Cancer, Is He Dead?

Stefan Karl Stefansson Issue With Cancer Is He Dead
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Despite the fact that it has been reported several times that Stefan almost won his fight against cancer, people still ask if the actor is dead. He is not dead! In fact, sometime in August 2017, it was reported that he no longer has cancer metastases. That was after he had undergone liver surgery, during which another metastasis, the third, was removed. Although the actor is not entirely without danger, he refused further chemo- or radiotherapy. Nevertheless, he is very much alive.

His Wife

Stefan’s wife, Steinunn Ólína, is also from Iceland and also an actress. She is the mother of Karl’s four children, one son, and three daughters. Olina started acting when she was still a teenager. Later she gained further knowledge about acting at the famous British drama school – Drama Centre. Stefan’s wife is known for her book “Parental Guidance”, which has become the best-selling book in her home country. This was in the year 2006.

Stefan Karl Stefansson Net Worth

Interest in knowing the value of Stefan’s wealth grew rapidly when a gofundme page was created for him after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While this led many to admit that being famous is not always synonymous with being rich, others were busy making estimates of Stefán Karl Stefánsson’s net worth, which were all guesswork. Although we prefer to say that the value of everything Karl owns is unknown, it was generally assumed that Stefan Karl Stefansson had a net worth of $2 million.


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Stefan Karl Stefansson Bio, Issue With Cancer, Dead, Net Worth, Wife • Celebily- Reviewdailer

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