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Everything About Starstruck 2021 Comedy Series!

Starstruck is the satire series of 2021 which is composed by Rose Metafeo and partners it is coordinated by Karen Maine and features Matafeo and Nikesh Patel with Minidriver as this extraordinary visitor second series of this parody dramatization was Commission before the principal series showed up.

Starstruck Cast

  • Rose plays the Role of Jessie
  • Nikesh Patel Plays the Role of Tom Kapoor
  • Minnie Driver Plays the Role of Cath
  • Emma Sidi Plays the Role of Kate
  • Sindhu Vee Plays the Role of Sindhu
  • Al Roberts Plays the Role of Ian
  • John Pointing Plays the Role of Dan
  • Joe Barnes Plays the Role of Joe
  • Nic Sampson Plays the Role of Steve
  • Lola Rose Maxwell Plays the Role of Sarah
  • Abraham Popoola Play the Role of Jacob
  • Smbreen Razia Plays the Role of Shivani
  • Nadiya Parkes Plays the Role of Sophie Diller
  • Liz Kingsman Plays the Role of Liz

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Starstruck Release Date


According to the reports it is found that this is delivered in the year 2021 on July 13 the satire series Starstruck is delivered under BBC and HBO Max

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Story of Starstruck

A humble community young lady in Michigan, Jessica Olsen, I need to simply remain at home and trust that she is grounded until she is 30 yet her entire family visits her grandma in Los Angeles. She Goes anticipating a relaxed occasion.

Yet, she makes the genius Christopher rich. Deco on a designer and gradually she was falling adoration for him however yet she was having the smash by him when she returns to Michigan she was sorrowful.

In any case, Kristofer needs to demonstrate that she is protected from the bar Razi so he follow her back to Michigan and he demonstrates this Jessica was not more joyful as he asked her for the primary date.

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Starstruck Episodes

Scene 1 N Y E

Scene 2 Chris Klein

Scene 3 Spring

Scene 4 Scott Thomasson Sara Polly

Scene 5 Summer

Scene 6 Christmas

Scene 7 M Night Shyamalan

Scene 8 Josh Hartnett Rosebery

Scene 9 Episode 9

Scene 10 Orlando Bloom

Scene 11 Martin Short

Scene 12 Jimmy Fallon Queen Latifah Episode 13 Jude Law Make Jagger

Scene 14 Tom Green Brooke Shields Episode 15 Mary

Scene 16 Andrea

Starstruck Where To Watch


The vast majority of the well-known streaming destinations are given to you in the article so you can contact them effectively prepare 1 is accessible on Karva Plus, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video.

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Starstruck Reviews


This is the main part yours perspectives are most significant the crowd rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars it is realized that this is the variety between two principle drives this series will adore by the crowd.

It is amusing without being a connection the Jessica character is lost Tom was so attractive and hilarious this was the parody film of life it is valued and it was endeavoring to standardize the relationship that can be standardized.

She assumed the part flawlessly crowd need crowd needs to see the comparable kind of satire heartfelt films the exhibitions were generally excellent the film was prompting achievement cheerful and Orphan film.

It was actually quite elegantly composed and effortlessly washed the substance was battling for standing out enough to be noticed of the where’s the popular lead job of the film was humorous Li this film shows the unexpected, yet wonderful treat to find and partake in the incredible extraordinary lead entertainer was exceptionally interesting and hard besieging this was the beguiling film this film is the club of fun genuine heartfelt present-day side cheerful and rapidly all simultaneously at a similar spot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Starstruck 2?

Starstruck 2 will be back for the second Go Round HBO Max has recharged this series and created by John Oliver and reproducers maker Evalyn TV for the subsequent season.

How Old Was Jessica Insta Struck?

Jessica Orson is 15 years of age young lady from Kalamazoo Michigan.

Is Starstruck a Good Movie?

Starstruck isn’t the best film on Disney however it’s pleasant and charming. The tunes are extremely infectious and not awful aside from the last melody of the film that rehashes the verses over and over. It was inferred by the crowd that the acting was likewise getting unpleasant at certain focuses however it was this great film.

What Beach Do They Go to in Starstrucks?

The ocean side at palos verdes which was the most loved area of Sterling Nights. It was the lovely ocean side in the castle which I had never seen. The area was truly invigorating for somebody.

Who Was Supposed to Be in Starstruck?

Authentic Sand Mann knight who was brought into the world in 1989 on March 5 is an American entertainer artist and he is known for his job in Chad Dila cooper in the Disney Channel.

Who Was the Protagonist Insta Trucks?

Christopher rich was the one of the heroes of Disney station unique series Starstruck he was 17 year old group his primary interest was Jessica Olsen.

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The closed part will end that this article gave you the cast individuals the delivery date the tale about the story lead characters where to watch the stars ducks scenes of Starstruck surveys of the watchers for more update about this series and for the other series kindly stay tuned.

There have been more updates that would be effectively accessible on this article and late updates which will come identified with this the series and the other series so remain, tuned with us, you will be refreshed soon.

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Everything About Starstruck 2021 Comedy Series! Starstruck cast
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