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Who is Paul Mackenzie Wife? Meet His Family and Parents


Paul Mackenzie is a Famous Kenyan Pastor, spiritual leader, and Cult leader. According to reports, Pastor Paul Mackenzie is a Kenyan native who is currently serving as a leader at the Good News International Church.

Paul Mackenzie
Paul Mackenzie

He was accused of allegedly telling his followers to fast for 40 days. They would die of starvation like Jesus. Paul Mackenzie is now arrested, brainwashing his followers, resulting in a massive Massacre called the Abusing Scripture: The Rise of Kenya’s Christian cults.

Paul Mackenzie was born to his parents in the United States and he grew up with his brother Robert Mackenzie and later moved to Kenya which was their heritage. Paul Mackenzie’s father and mother is a protestant and were raised in a family of 12 members where his mother was a housewife.

Paul Mackenzie Age and Birthplace

Paul Mackenzie was born on August 1, 1972, in Tennessee in the United States of America and as of 2023 Paul Mackenzie is 50 years old and has Kenyan nationality and citizenship.

Paul Mackenzie Age
Paul Mackenzie Age

Paul Mackenzie is of Kenyan descent and has Black African ethnicity. Paul Mackenzie’s profession is Pastor. Paul Mackenzie’s Birthplace is Tennessee in the United States of America after that they moved to Shakahola, Malindi, Kenya and there he is a Pastor.

Why Paster Paul Mackenzie was Arrested and Charged

The discovery of mass graves in a forest in the eastern region of Kenya has shocked the nation. Kenyan police have been working tirelessly to recover the remains of over 70 individuals, all of whom were members of the Good News International Church.

According to reports, Pastor Paul Mackenzie Nthenge, the leader of the church, allegedly instructed his followers to fast in order to reach heaven. The Interior Minister Kithure Kindiki has condemned what happened as a “massacre”, while Senate speaker Amason Kingi has questioned how such a tragedy could have gone unnoticed for so long.

As police continue to excavate the numerous mass graves in the forest, the stench has been described as unbearable by Hussein Khalid, who runs the rights organization, Haki Africa.

Oga Khalid was alerted to the situation by locals living in the vicinity and immediately reported it to the authorities. Currently, the process of recovering the remains is underway, and the entire nation is grieving the tragic loss of life.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Biography

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Nthenge is a highly respected religious leader and community advocate from Kenya. Born and raised in the bustling city of Nairobi, Pastor Nthenge developed a strong passion for the church at a young age and soon began pursuing his religious studies in earnest.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie Biography
Pastor Paul Mackenzie Biography

After completing his theological education, Pastor Nthenge began his ministry by serving as a youth pastor at a local church. His dedication and commitment to his congregation quickly became apparent, and he soon found himself taking on more and more responsibilities within the church.

Over the years, Pastor Nthenge has become a well-known figure in his community, renowned for his tireless efforts to improve the lives of those around him.

Paul Mackenzie Wife and Children

Paul Mackenzie’s marital status is married. As per the sources, Paul Mackenzie married Joyce Mwikamba, who is also working in the ministry. Paul Mackenzie and Joyce Mwikamba together have four children.

Pastor Mackenzie Tribe

Paul Mackenzie was targeting mainly the tribe area because they are not educated and he used to brainwash them easily he used to do preaching in Migingo Village and also in Shakahola Village for at least three decades.


Who is the wife of Paul Mackenzie?

Paul Mackenzie’s wife’s name is Joyce Mwikamba.

How Old Is Paul Mackenzie?

Paul Mackenzie is 50 years old.

Where Is Paul Mackenzie from?

Paul Mackenzie is from Tennessee, United States.


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