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The Net Worth of Travis Scott: Kylie Jenner’s Boyfriend Earnings

The Net Worth of Travis Scott is nearly about $65 million. All the western music lovers are well known to him, but for those who don’t know about that prominent personality then let me introduce you all to him first.

Travis Scott is an American rapper, singer, lyrics-writer, and music video producer with a net worth of 65 million USD, he is also listed as the world’s top-paid rapper of the present times. He is also a good friend of Kylie Jenner.

Glorious Past of Travis Scott

net worth of Travis Scott

Travis Scott, also known as Jacques Berman webster, hails from Houston city of Texas. Until the age of six, he was leaving there only with her grandmother, with whom he spent lots of his time.

After that, he left that place to live with his parents in Missouri city, a middle-class town in the urban areas of southwest Houston City. He completed his graduation from Elkins high school and after that got admitted to the University of Texas, San Antonio. The essence of music and his obsession with it is so much that he dropped out of college during the 2nd year itself. He has set his way to bright-shine his career in the music industry.

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A kick start to the Career of Travis Scott

Travis Scott earnings

He found a duet named “the graduates” in 2008, along with them he also released their anonymous album. The next year, he made a group with his acquaintance named “The classmates” through which they released two awesome music projects. He came to New York after that with his friend Mike Wax and started working with him.

But the luck was not with him, he didn’t get that much success, and even in four months, he wanted to leave the city, and he did so as well. But he didn’t stop launching songs. He was continuously doing so from his friend’s small house in Los Angeles.

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Analysis of Career Growth of Travis Scott

Travis Scott

His first solo project ever was named “Owl Pharaoh” and was anticipated to be released by 2012, but it was somehow late due to formalities in samples and stuff like that. Soon the next year, his efforts come to play, and that was released in 2013 on the music platform iTunes, an entity of the world’s famous brand, Apple.

From then, he become consistent in his career, same as we all must do, be consistent and regular, and results would be waiting for you for sure, someday or another. Before the launching of his second project namely “Days Before Rodeo”, he continued to compose and direct music. His first on-stage performance was in Austin, Texas at a certain prominent music festival.

In 2015, his first solo radio album was produced by Grand Hustle and Epic Records. It was a huge commercial success, both for the producers and Travis himself. His song was featured at number three on the Billboard 200 lists. From then to now he has given some successful hits of all time.

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Real estate status of net Worth of Travis Scott

He bought a 12000 square feet mansion in his birthplace- Houston in 2019, worth 14 million Dollars. He also had a home, built-in 2005, in a porch-gated society. In exchange for 24 million dollars, he bought another mansion in the Brentwood hills of Los Angeles, in 2020.

He is also a half-partner of property worth more than 13 million dollars with his Ex- Kylie Jenner. He also spent an amount for the adjacent house of his home in Houston, costing him around 6 million dollars.

Travis Scott’s Net Worth

According to official sources and data collected from reliable sources, he has a net worth of across 60 million dollars. In the year 2017-2018, he earned a huge amount of 20 million dollars by touring, records, etc. by all of these achievements his name was added to the top 15 highest paid rappers in the world. Between 20118-19, he earned around 60 million dollars, including a deal from Mcdonald’s in 2020.

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His career is too bright, and he is also a millionaire, he is an inspiration to many who want to start their musical journey, or whatever field may be.

He is a legend man and he works very hard to make successful or to make the future bright in the field of music.

Comment down your opinions and queries regarding his net worth and do share with others as well!

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