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The Net Worth of Brett Favre: Revealed

The Net Worth of Brett Favre is nearly 140 million dollars. Every football lover is already having an idea of him, but for those who don’t know about Brett Favre then let me introduce you to him first the Net Worth of Brett Favre.

Brett Favre is a former and one of the prominent football players of his era, he was a part of the National Football League. Till now, he has played in four teams during his tenure of 20 years in football.

History of Brett Favre and Net Worth of Brett Favre

net worth of Brett Favre

He was chosen as an alternative backup player in 1991 and picked as a permanent one in 1992 NFL. He was then chosen by the packers and spent nearly 16 years, sometimes leading the team as a captain as well in many landmark matches.

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Salary and Net Worth of Brett Favre

He signed a 3-year-long contract in 1991 worth 1.4 million dollars. His payments were increased when his team signed a contract with Green Bay packers costing around 19 million dollars for a 5-year contractual partnership.

He has signed another contract in 2001 with packers itself with an extension of 10 years, costing around 100 million dollars which is a huge sort of money. He is also a contractual partner to the New York Jets worth 28 million dollars. Over the last two decades, he has earned more than 140 million dollars.

Advertisement and endorsement of Bratt Favre

Brett Favre net worth

He is in demand for endorsing and encouraging popular brands, to being a sports celebrity some of them including- Snapper, Nike, Sears, MasterCard, etc. with the help of these amusing deals he has earned a total income of $7 Million.

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Major Investments of Brett Favre

Alongside, being a good athlete, he is surely good at investment as well. One of his major investments is in a pharmaceutical company, which is looking forward and working hard to introduce a solution for a dangerous disease, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, which causes repeated unconsciousness and fits in the head of the victim.

Other income sources of Brett Favre

  1. He was once seen with prominent American car racer Dale Jarrett in a stock car racing championship.
  2. He owned a luxury restaurant in Wisconsin, and a steakhouse, which was later discontinued in 2018.

He also worked as a coordinator in a school in Mississippi.

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House of Brett Favre

Brett Favre earnings

He is currently living in a luxury Mansion in Sumrall, Wisconsin which is worth around 17 million dollars, covering an area of 465 acres. In Mississippi, his former house was destroyed by a hurricane in 2005.

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Major charity work by Brett Favre

He is the owner of the Brett Favre Forward Foundation, originally founded in 1996. He hosts yearly golf events to raise money for donations for various charity foundations and other organizations as well.

The Net Worth of Brett Favre

the net worth of Brett Favre, in 2022, calculating all the assets, somewhere amounts to nearly 100 million dollars.

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Brett is undoubtfully a legend footballer and a man of true values and he is counted among millionaires due to the net worth of Brett Favre which is 100 million.

So this was everything about Brett Favre, in short, the net worth of Brett Favre is nearly about $140 million dollars.


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