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Is Ryan Seacrest Gay, Has A Wife Or Girlfriend? • Celebily- Reviewdailer


Is Ryan Seacrest Gay, Has A Wife Or Girlfriend?
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Chances are you have thought about it and we know it too. It’s a blatant question that has caused a sensation on the Hollywood scene: Is Ryan Seacrest gay? You will need to continue to read this post diligently to find out the truth about the team he swings for.

Is Ryan Seacrest Gay?

In his case, the list of women he has dated is not sufficient proof that the actor likes women. His sexuality is as much a part of American Idols as singing and it’s mostly thanks to Simon Cowell. According to the Daily Beast, “the British acidic judge will simply not let Seacrest be straight”.

How does he do this the same source revealed that”….. perhaps unaware that Americans do not say such things in public Cowell punctuates his Seacrest mockery with “sweetheart” suggesting that the host “should know” if a competitor’s high heels were in fashion and even advised Seacrest to “come out” of the closet?

Is Ryan Seacrest Gay, Has A Wife Or Girlfriend?
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It’s not even half but the seed has been sown and Ryan has been fighting this idea ever since. The rumors almost affected his love life at one point when Seacrest had been persistent in pursuing his ex-girlfriend now Julianne Hough for years before she agreed to go on a date with him.

The judge of Dancing With The Stars revealed that he was not my type at all I thought he was gay.

Is Ryan Seacrest Gay, Has A Wife Or Girlfriend?

More recently there was a viral video that shows Britney Spear’s shock when she realized she didn’t have a gay best friend. Before this interview in 2013 if asked the question “Is Ryan Seacrest gay” her answer would be “yes”.

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Well, that’s the story Britney and will.i.am was interviewed by Ryan on his iHeartRadio show in 2013 and they started discussing their relationships with women much to Britney’s surprise. According to the Daily, Mail Ryan was talking about how he sprayed “girls” cologne on his pillow to make me believe they are there” Lancôme’s Tresore is his favorite perfume.

Is Ryan Seacrest Gay, Has A Wife Or Girlfriend?
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Then came the moment of truth when Britney said the word ‘girl’ to the camera and it was indeed the moment when she realized that her best gay friend was actually straight. We doubt that everyone magically thinks he’s not gay overnight (Simon did his job well) but here we are if you call Ryan Seacrest gay you’re wrong.

Does Ryan Seacrest Have A Wife Or Girlfriend?

For someone who people think is gay, he’s had a handful of dates Ryan doesn’t seem to be dating anyone right now although the rumor doesn’t agree. Apparently, he spent a lot of time with the model Adriana Lima. Rumors broke out after Seacrest and Lima spent time together in Rio during the Olympic Games.

Is Ryan Seacrest Gay, Has A Wife Or Girlfriend?
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More recently, they started spending time together in New York, when Seacrest was in town for work and at Fashion Week. Both went to Dell’Anima in New York that weekend and they seemed to become very warm.

Is Ryan Seacrest Gay, Has A Wife Or Girlfriend?

We are still on the fence about their relational status however according to E! News they are in a new relationship and are still finding their bearings while ET says that the whole story is nothing more than a rumor because both of them have recently emerged from serious relationships.

ryan seacrest julianne hough
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Speaking of serious relationships before the “rumors” surrounding his current relationship status he was in a very serious relationship with Julianne Hough judge of Dancing With The Stars which lasted almost three years. It was so bad that people thought they were going to get married for sure.

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Sources say their schedules were just too busy but Julianne gave a little more information about it when she told Redbook: “Every relationship was nothing wrong or bad but nothing good I had one foot outside because I didn’t want to get hurt. And I didn’t say what I had in mind because I didn’t want to hurt the feathers. I needed to be perfect”.

ryan seacrest julianne hough kiss

It is safe to say that Ryan is technically not in a relationship at the moment but we will certainly be on the lookout.

Quick Facts 

Date of Birth: 24 December 1974
 Age: 44 years old
 Birth Nation: United States of America
 Height: 5 Feet 8 Inch
Name Ryan Seacrest
Birth Name Ryan John Seacrest
Father Gary Lee Seacrest
Mother Constance Marie Zullinger
Nationality American
Birth Place/City Dunwoody, Georgia
Ethnicity White
Profession Radio personality
Net Worth $ 250 million
Salary $ 62 Million
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Dark-Brown
Weight in KG 69 kg
Girlfriend Julianne Hough
Married Not Yet
Education Dunwoody High School (1993), University of Georgia, Kennesaw State University
Awards Primetime Emmy Award
Movies Shrek Forever After
TV Show The Million Second Quiz
Siblings Meredith Seacrest


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